Race Series 2013
Is your company up for a little competition?  Then join us for our Inaugural Corporate Team Challenge!
We will be hosting the first annual Tri Fitness Corporate Team Challenge in 2013!  We encourage corporations to promote healthy lifestyles by rounding up employees to get fit and come on out to enjoy a little friendly (or fierce) competition with co-workers, and try a new sport or challenge yourself in a multi-sport event.
What it is about?
Our mission is to promote health, wellness and camaraderie in the workplace by team participation and provide corporations with an opportunity to engage employees in a healthy and active lifestyle.
Are you eligible?
Any corporation, profit or non-profit, along with any municipalities are eligible to participate. Teams can consist of immediate family members also. Corporations can have teams in all events. Each team must consist of a minimum of three employees.
What does it cost?
The Corporate Team Challenge fee is $25per corporation per race, or $50 for all four, in addition to the individual race entry fees. If you are a corporate sponsor, this fee is waived.  Please see our Corporate Sponsor Packet for info.
Here are the available events:
How do we register?
Each team will need to designate a team captain, who will be responsible for all team registration and management tasks, including drafting and communicating with team members.  Events tend to fill up, so register your team early.
Are there awards that we can show off in our workplace?
Yes!  Awards are given based on combined average ages of: 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+.
Fastest team (averaged time) wins per distance. Participants are also eligible to win individual age group awards. The winning teams in the 4 categories will receive a Corporate Team Challenge plaque inscribed with the name of the winning team to be displayed at the worksite.  Show everyone how awesomely healthy your staff is!
Participation Competition:  In addition to the timed competitions, we will offer a participation competition. An award will be presented to the corporation with the greatest number of employees who register and finish.
Traveling Trophy:  Awarded to the company with the greatest participation in all events combined to be displayed with pride until the following year.
Register your team for at least 2 of the 4 events and get your company logo on a short sleeve training shirt to purchase for only $10 each.  Usual event goodies will be given to all participants in the corporate challenge as well.
OR Register On-line at: www.TriFitnessWBL.com
1340 Hwy 96 East
White Bear Lake, MN 55110