Master the art of flip turns!

There are no walls in the open water, so why waste precious training time on tumbling drills? 

An open turn allows a mental and physical break in the swim. Think about riding a bike. Do you get to the top of a hill, stop, check your pace and congratulate yourself, or do you increase the cadence and crest the hill? You move on, as you should in the swim. The cost is $20 for 60 minutes.

Who: This clinic is designed for anyone who has never learned how to do flip turns or is interesting in learning how to improve their technique and learn the art of doing effective flip turns.


  • No Flip Turn Clinics are scheduled at this time. Check back for new dates!

Where: Xperience Fitness in Vadnais Heights (map)

Why: Our experienced swim coach will be able to help you get the most out of your swim, helping you to develop an efficient and effective flip turn that will lead you to a better overall race. 

Cost: $20

If you have questions, please contact Tracy via email or 651-426-3619.


Tracy Angelo - Swim Coach

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

Some of my favorites: My family! My puppies! Don Julios! LSD (long slow distance) runs with friends! People! Hackie Sac! Diet Coke with lime and a good cup of coffee!

Fitness Background: I have been an Aquatics Supervisor for 13 years and an Authorized Provider of The American Red Cross. I am a Lifeguard Instructor, a Water Safety Instructor, and a FA/CPR/AED Instructor for the professional and workplace. I have run 8 marathons with a 3:53 PR. I love working with athletes and getting them excited about swimming. You must have a purpose in the pool - let me help you with that purpose! My coaching philosphy is "Everyone is a Someone!"

You can contact me at