Baseline Testing

What is baseline testing? Why is it important?

Baseline testing is just as it sounds. We perform short assessments that helps determine where you currently are in your training. Why is this helpful to YOU? It helps YOU see your progress over time with retesting. Why is it helpful to US? It helps US build and design our workouts for you so they are beneficial and effective for your level and progress. 

Baseline testing/retesting will be performed every 8 weeks to re-evaluate your progress and re-design our workouts...and it doesn't cost you a thing! It's simply something we incorporate into our regular class schedule. So, every other month we will dedicate one week during that month to testing each of the components of training that we offer - bike, swim, run, and strength. Week 1 will be dedicated to bike testing, week 2 to swim testing, week 3 to run testing, and week 4 to strength testing. Bike testing will be performed during all Performance Cycling classes, swim testing during all Coached Swim classes, run testing during all Run Circuit classes, and strength testing during all Circuit classes. To get tested, simply sign up for classes as you normally would!

Testing Schedule:

  • Bike // 1st-7th
  • Swim // 8th-14th
  • Run // 15th-21st
  • Strength // 22nd-28th

For questions or more information, please email