Beginner Bike Series

Ladies, this one is just for you!

This 6 week series is great for those who are thinking about getting into biking or who want to improve their beginner bike skills and knowledge so they can transition into an intermediate bike level. This is also a great refresher for intermediate bikers. The series will cover everything from proper basic bike handling, proper road/trail etiquette, nutrition, staying properly hydrated, bike maintenance (including how to fix a flat tire), and group rides!


This series is designed to take brand new bikers through the basics of biking so they can feel comfortable and confident on the road and trails.


New series begins Thursday, (DATE TBD). Drop ins are welcome! Series schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday, (DATE TBD) at 5:30pm - proper helmet fit, shifting, and basic bike handling
  • Thursday, (DATE TBD) at 5:30pm - rules of the road/trail and riding in a group
  • Thursday, (DATE TBD) at 5:30pm - fixing a flat, hydration, nutrition, and short group ride
  • Thursday, (DATE TBD) at 5:30pm - basic bike maintenance and group ride
  • Thursday, (DATE TBD) at 5:30pm - Group ride
  • Thursday, (DATE TBD) at 5:30pm - Group ride


Tri Fitness Training Center (map) for the first 3 sessions and Withrow School (map) for the remaining 3 sessions.


Our experienced bike coach will work with you to learn the basics of biking, help you get comfortable on the bike, and/or improve your biking experience.


$75 for the entire series. $17.50 for drop ins. 

If you have questions, please email or call 651-426-3619.