Services & Classes

Did you know that the training and class fees might be eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance provider?  Be sure to check with them!

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Training Services

Triathlon Training

We have a number of different services geared specifically toward improving the performance of triathletes.  This includes services like VO2 assessment, run assessment, swim coaching, bike fitting and more.  

Your goals are not "too big" or "too small" for us to handle.  Your goal becomes our goal.  Give us a call to set up a FREE consultation at 651-426-1919 or e-mail us.

Personal Training

No matter what your sport, our trainers will work one-on-one with you, becoming your partner in achieving your objectives.  This could include cardio programming, weight training programs, weight measurement and tracking, body composition measurement and tracking and online access to Training Peaks software.

Bike Fitting

Feeling comfortable on your bike is essential to avoiding injury and getting the most out of your equipment.  Finding the proper body position is one of the best ways to increase your speed and reduce your effort.  Before you spend money on new wheels or that fancy helmet, do yourself a favor and get properly fitted first.  Contact Vicki via email or at 651-426-3619 for more info or to set up an appointment. 

Testimonial: "Vicki, I did get out last Saturday for 30 miles in wonderful conditions. A week earlier was at a 16.5 mph pace and it improved to 17.2 mph pace. All good. I think the changes really helped my back, which will help my leg. I have been working to stretch with more discipline and changing my running stride which has helped also." -Gordon H.

Metabolic Assessment And Performance

The assessment gives you a snapshot of where you and your body are today, in terms of how your body burns fuel when it is at rest and when it is exercising.  Knowing how your metabolism works is essential to creating a plan to live healthy, look better, and perform to your full potential.

Weight Loss Challenge!

A comprehensive program designed to meet your weight loss goals.  We take a holistic approach, giving you one-on-one time as well as group encouragement.  This long-term solution is designed to keep you accountable and encouraged!



Training Classes

Coached Swim

These classes are for every level of swimmer.  Learn effective swim techniques through guided instruction and drills.  Our swim coaches have extensive experience training all levels - and all ages - of swimmers.


A one-hour course built around connected components including strength, core, cardio and flexibility.  These classes are becoming the most popular ones we offer, so we may be expanding our time availability soon.


Tri Fitness has the best spin class in town with state-of-the-art ComputTrainers! Your personal road bike is connected to our computer for a technical workout that gives powerful information about your ride.

Totally TRX

Bodyweight training at its best! No part of the body is an island unto itself. Try to pick up a pen off the floor using just your hand - it's impossible! Even simple movements simultaneously engage the legs, core, shoulders, arms, and neck.


Unleash your inner athlete and reach your personal best, no matter where you’re starting from. This thrilling workout takes you through group-focused cardio drills, athletic conditioning, and explosive moves to make today’s limits tomorrow’s triumphs. If you want a hardbody, you’ve got to Dig Deep.

If you have any questions, please contact Vicki  or 651-426-3619.