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4 Reasons To Consider Yoga

October 2nd 2013

By Carrie Rowan, NASM CPT, Certified Yoga And Pilates Teacher

The benefits of Yoga are many. Every athlete should do Yoga because of its potential to help you build strength, flexibility and concentration. Yoga is especially beneficial to those who engage in endurance activities like marathons and triathlons.

Potential benefits include:

  • Strength: A regular yoga practice increases strength and muscle mass. Yoga is especially beneficial in developing the stabilization muscles like the abdominals and the muscles of the hips and shoulders that are often underutilized in endurance athletes. By building strength in these areas athletes will improve performance and reduce injuries.
  • Flexibility: Maintaining good range of motion is vital to the endurance athlete. For the body to reach its performance potential there needs to be a balance between strength and flexibility. One of the most common complaints in endurance athletes is pain. Flexibility training keeps muscles loose and joints mobile effectively easing pain.
  • Balance and Coordination: Regular Yoga practice helps improve balance and coordination in the body.  It is vital for the endurance athlete to have control over his/her body and to use proper technique while engaging in endurance activities.
  • Mental: Any endurance athlete will tell you that mental preparation is the most important part of training for a race. Yoga is a chance to not only focus on your body but on the connection between the mind and the body.

One of the most challenging poses in Yoga is the final relaxation at the end of a practice or Savasana because all the hard physical work is done. However, Savasana is also the most beneficial pose in Yoga because it challenges you to quiet your mind and meditate. Yoga’s origins have nothing to with physical strength or flexibility. Yoga was originally designed to prepare the body for meditation. Savasana allows the Yoga practitioner to reap the maximum benefit from their practice both physically and mentally. 

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