Loyalty Program

We appreciate you choosing us!

As a "thank you" for your support, every time you shop at the Tri Fitness retail store, your purchase gets added to your MyTri loyalty points. For every $300 you spend, you get a whopping 16% back!

That's $48 for those of us bad at math.

And the best part is, you don't have to do anything:

  • No applications to fill out

  • No cards you need to bring

  • No account numbers you have to remember

As long as your name is in our register, your purchases are automatically entered.

There is no minimum purchase amount, and there is no expiration or time limit with regard to earning the reward - once you spend $300 on full-price items in the store - no matter how long that takes you - you will receive $48 in store credit to be used for the purchase of any non-taxable, full priced items.

Rewards become effective two weeks following eligibility and are good for two months. For example, if you stop by and buy a pair of shoes, some socks, a good base layer and a jacket on March 1st, then on March 15th you'll be eligible to apply your $48 credit toward any full price item in the store. That credit will expire on May 14th.

If you spend $600, then you will have earned $96. But, if you spend $488, then you will have a reward of $48, and you will be $112 away from your next reward. So, for every $300 you spend, you get a credit of $48.

At the time you earn your credit, our staff will notify you that you have earned a reward. All reward information is printed on the bottom of each receipt, so you can see current balances and what you need to do to get to the next reward. If you have a reward coming, it will say when the reward is valid.

You can spend the reward on any full price items - no exclusions - but discounted items do not apply to rewards, or would be applied at the original price of the item.

Thank you so much for shopping with us!!