Metabolic Performance

Knowing how your metabolism works is essential to creating a plan to live healthy, look better, and perform to your full potential.

Our New Leaf metabolic assessment and training program is based on decades of medical research and proven scientific know-how. Whether you’re just starting to exercise or you’re training for your next marathon, you can boost your metabolism. That means you can achieve your goal of better health, fitness, or athletic performance. This is much easier to do when your exercise and nutrition plans are based on your personal metabolic profile.

What’s a metabolic profile?

Think of it as your metabolic fingerprint - it’s unique to you, and it holds all the info needed to create a highly successful, personal exercise training plan. Your metabolic profile helps your trainer determine how long you should exercise and how intensely (probably not as hard as you think!).

Your profile also provides insight into the nutritional choices that will improve your health, increase your overall fitness, and ultimately enhance your athletic performance.

Top trainers and coaches, premier fitness clubs and sports teams, and health professionals of all types use the New Leaf metabolic assessment to measure how efficiently a body burns calories both at rest and while exercising.

With the detailed, science-based snapshot of your metabolism that comes from the New Leaf assessment, your fitness or health professional can design a workout program that meets your individual needs, so you can achieve real results in less time with greater ease.

Learn more about how a personal workout plan from New Leaf can help you achieve your health and fitness goals:

  1. Metabolism 101
  2. What your metabolism means for you
  3. Your unique metabolic profile
  4. Your personal roadmap for better health, fitness, and athletic performance
  5. Tracking your progress
  6. Taking it to the next level

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