Course Profile

The courses for both June and August are the same. They include a 400 yard swim, the 10 mile bike, and 2 mile run.   

Swim Course

Before the race begins, it's a very good idea to get in the water and do a little practice swim. Please plan on giving yourself some extra time to get into the water before race time.  We will also be offering coached swim sessions (in conjunction with our MFT Training) in the weeks leading up to the race.  We will send out emails to update you on weekly activities that you may want to participate in.

The swim is approximately 400 yards in Centerville Lake. You'll swim about 100 yards out from the beach, approximately 200 yards across, then 100 yards back to the beach. Always keep the buoys to your left.

Centerville Lake is a beautiful small lake with very little boat traffic. It has not usually been very weedy. We will have buoys in a triangular route, as well as lifeguards and volunteers in canoes/kayaks in case you need assistance.

If you do need help during the swim, feel free to hang on to the buoys, or the lifeguards. It's perfectly fine as long as you don't use them to advance farther in the swim (in other words, you can't use a kayak to pull you along during the swim).

If you need serious help, please remove your swim cap and wave it in the air. A lifeguard will come to you immediately.

Once you exit the swim, you'll walk/run across the grass to the transition area. 

Bike Course

You will leave the transition area, get on the road you drove in on while entering the park, then take a right once you leave the park onto Main Street

You will then take a right on Centerville Road, then a right on Heritage, and a left on LaMotte Drive to LaMotte Circle, where you will take another left. You will head around the cul-de-sac back to LaMotte Drive, where you will take a right, then your next turn will be a fairly sharp right onto the bike path (in LaMotte Memorial Park). You will stay on this path and it will return you to Centerville Park, at which point you will repeat the loop.

The bike route is 10 miles. This is a flat and potentially very fast course. Please be aware that this is an open course, so when on the road, please stay as close to the white line as possible. Riding inside of the white line is suggested if possible (closer to the edge of the road). When on the bike path, please keep to your right unless you are passing someone. If you are about to pass someone, make sure that the road/path is safe to do so and please announce "on your left" and pass as quickly as possible and return to the right side of the road/path.

Run Course

Once you park your bike, you will run out of the transition area and take a right onto a paved trail, which will lead you out to Main Street, where you will take a right and stay on the path.

The run is 2 miles. This is an "out and back" course, with one small hill as you head towards Centerville.

There will be water provided at the turn-around on the run.