MFT June Overview

Always wanted to Tri? Then this event is for you!

My First Tri™ is a triathlon put on exclusively for first timers. Here’s why:

Triathlons have steadily grown in popularity since the 1970’s, to the point where it has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world - it seems like everybody does them!


Tri Training Programs

3 programs to choose from

That’s precisely what can be intimidating about entering and competing in your first triathlon - it feels like everyone but you has done this before; whether it’s where to put your bike, how to set-up your transition area, or even knowing how fast or hard to swim/bike/run, most new-comers feel a little overwhelmed.

Our solution is to make sure that everyone racing with you is in pretty much the same place...absolutely clueless (just kidding)!

Seriously though, there is no special equipment needed for your first triathlon. Almost any bike will do, and on race day you'll see everything from 20-year-old steel mountain bikes to sleek triathlon-specific bikes. Most use their current road or mountain bike.

As for the swim - the most anxiety-riddled part of the event for most of us - you don't have to be Michael Phelps. You'll see fellow participants doing the dog paddle, sidestroke, backstroke, and all sorts of combinations. We will say, though, PLEASE get in the open water for a practice swim before attempting a triathlon! We offer training swims, which are a huge help to many beginners.  Unlike other races, we aren’t going to throw you in the water with 150 other athletes in a wave so you have to fight to swim.  We send our athletes out one at a time giving you the space you need to relax and swim your swim without having to worry someone is going to “clock” you.

Our hope is that we can help you in every part of this endeavor. Prior to the race we’ll offer training in all three disciplines, seminars to cover questions and strategies, and "gear days" to try out and talk through some of the technology that could vastly improve your race experience.  Watch your email for more information.

On race day we’ll have experienced triathlete volunteers helping with each step:

  • Arrival/parking
  • Setting up your gear in the transition area
  • Overview the course and what to expect
  • Even the opportunity to race with a mentor - an experienced triathlete who sticks right by your side coaching you through every stage of the race! Please email if you would like a mentor. Mentors do the entire race alongside you and at your pace. There is a $15 donation to Tri Fitness Triathlon Training Program for this service.

This race will be gun timed.

While these events can be terrific fun, they can also be physically taxing. Please check with your doctor before participating in any athletic event.

We would also love to hear why you decided to Tri.  We have found the stories of our past participants in this race are truly inspiring.  Who knows?  Your story might be just the one that changes someone’s life forever.  Please email us at