Sub Club

Are you a runner looking to break 30 minutes on your 5k?

Our 8 week structured run club is the perfect fit for you! Our experienced run coach will lead you through different course possibilities and layouts during your sessions together so you can do a solo run wherever and whenever you'd like and work on improving your 5k run time!

Our club will be run by our leader, Bill Petsch and our assistant leader, Kayla Reiter. 

Included in the 8-week program:

  • Sub Club t-shirt
  • 4 coached runs - a comprehensive run with structure, support, and accountability
  • 2 run circuit classes - high intensity workout that combines aerobic exercise with strength training
  • 6 trainer warm-ups - bringing the body to a condition at which it safely responds to nerve signals for quick and efficient action
  • scheduled runs - a schedule of runs you can choose as a group
  • workout program - a specific sequence of actions that will lead you to a better run
  • 2 races - not included in the price, but built into the club; one at the 4-week point to assess improvement and one at the end to celebrate your sub 30 time



** Upon registration, Bill or Kayla will contact you with specific information.**

Optional Related Services:

Stryd Run Power Assessment. This assessment can be done every 4 weeks to help you see your progress as well as guide your ongoing training program. Using the Stryd power meter and our analysis, we will determine inefficiencies and come up with paces for your long runs, tempo runs, and interval work.


For more information, please email Vicki at or call 651-426-1919.