Swim Training

At Tri Fitness we have a wide variety of swim coaching, training, and services available to you to get you started for the first time or improve your swim technique and speed for your next race. We also have everything from group sessions, clinics, and classes to one-on-one guidance and training. Check out all that we have to offer in the sections below!

Coached Swim Class

Coached Swim through Tri Fitness is for everyone - from beginner to Ironman. Our accomplished coaches will work with you to define your goals, whether you are just jumping in for the first time or you plan on swimming across the English Channel.

Our swim sessions cover it all:

  • Drills (to improve technique)
  • Skill sets
  • Speed sets
  • Endurance sets

Check out our current schedule HERE.

Swim Clinics

Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced triathlete, we have you covered. Every month throughout the year, we hold hour-long clinics for beginners as well as intermediate-level swimmers.

Our Beginner Clinics are designed for anybody interested in learning how to improve their swim technique (which is most of us!). This is geared toward beginning swimmers, and not those with advanced skills. This is for you if you can’t swim 2 lengths of the pool without feeling exhausted OR have yet to put your head in the water. The focus will be on body position and balance, which is integral to learning how to swim effectively.

Our Intermediate Swim Clinics are designed to improve swim comfort, efficiency, and speed. Improvement in each of these areas will develop the foundation for a faster swim with less effort. Ultimately, a better swim can also lead to a stronger bike and faster run! You should be able to swim at least 6 lengths of the pool without stopping.

My First Coached Swim

This 8 week program will focus on form and getting you more comfortable and efficient in the water. We will work with all aspects of swim, including proper head position, proper hand entry, the pull phase, how to effectively kick, and other techniques to get you faster using less energy.

This program will repeat roughly every 6-8 weeks.

Space is limited to 8 participants, so there will be a high level of individual attention.

Open Water Swim Skills

When you stand on the shore before the race, do you dread the swim and look forward to kissing the ground once you return from the water? Do you have a fear of the swim during a triathlon? Would you like to improve your experience in the water during triathlons? Do you find yourself really struggling with the swim part of the race? 

If any of these sounds like you, we have the answers!

NOTE: This clinic is held seasonally, so stay tuned to the class schedule for availability.

Starter Swim Package

This swim training package is designed for any level of swimmer just looking for more personal one-on-one support, guidance, and attention.

It includes 3 sessions total:

Session 1 (60 minutes)

  • get to know your coach/your coach gets to know you
  • initial assessment to determine where you are at in the water
  • stroke analysis with video
  • discuss a plan for moving forward (goals with steps to achieve goals)

Session 2 (30 minutes)

  • skill building session

Session 3 (30 minutes)

  • another skill building session

Private Swim Lesson

Looking for one-on-one personal and undivided attention to improve technique or get feedback from one of our professional swim coaches? Try one of our private swim lessons!

Contact jad@trifitnesswbl.com for questions on private lessons. 

For more information, please email jad@trifitnesswbl.com or call 651-426-3619.