Wheel Rental

Getting your wheel combination right can be the difference between winning or losing a race, or setting a new PR.  Besides having a proper bike fit, using a good set of wheels may make the most difference in your bike split.

We rent HED wheels. HED is a locally-owned firm, with a world-wide reputation. They have been at the forefront of wheel technology for more than 15 years, and continue to build on their history of excellence and innovation.

Try out some of these super-fast wheels for your next race or training ride, and experience the performance for which they are renown. 

The price of a rental is $160, covering a 5-day period (Wednesday through Sunday or Thursday through Monday). There is a $1600 deposit (this is not actually rung up on your card, but if you skip town with the wheels, then we will have to charge you to cover our cost). We also have new Tubeless Jet Black Hed Wheels rental for $200.

Rentals require payment in full when you reserve them, and are non-refundable. The rental price includes the labor involved, such as swapping out the cassette and adjusting the shifting if necessary.

If I decide to purchase the wheel set within 30 days of the rental, then the cost of the rental will be applied to the purchase price.

You will be required to read and sign this rental agreement at the time of checkout.

Please call us at 651-426-1919 to check availability or reserve your wheels.

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