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Why Tri Fitness Training?









We understand that multisport follows a cycle, so our classes and clinics follow the ebb and flow of in-and off-season training. You'll always receive the proper training at the proper time of year.

Our community is what makes our training center so unique. We're family, so when you walk through our doors, you're family, too! You have a built-in support system you can count on.

Our programs are founded and run on principles like data collection and progression training, so you'll get advice and training tailored for you and experience tangible results.

All of our staff members have years of experience, certifications and education under their belts so they can troubleshoot issues and provide high-quality safe and effective training.

Featured Highlights


Assisted Stretch Clinic

Learn the benefits and types of [assisted] stretching + pair off for a session that guides you through areas of both of the upper and lower body.

Weekend Endurance Camp

This 3-day weekend camp on the IMWI course provides excellent training, course-side coaching, education, and peer bonding. Start your planning now!

Request a Sample

Try a sample of clean, liposomal nutritional supplements to aid your performance, wellness, healthy aging, weight loss, and recovery, etc.

Free Nutrition Seminar

Vitamins don't work unless they reach the most basic building blocks of your body - cells! Learn more about liposomes and watch below!


"Had an awesome 60 minute Moxy session last week with the friendly staff over at Tri Fitness in White Bear Lake, MN. Moxy is a small, wearable sensor that utilizes infared light to continuously monitor oxygen saturation (SMO2) levels in the muscles of athletes while they exercise. It is designed to measure the percentage of hemoglobin and myoglobin carrying oxygen in the capillaries and cells of muscle tissue, where oxygen is consumed to produce energy."

- Mike F.


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Phone: 651-426-3619 | Email: vicki@trifitnesswbl.com | Address: 1011 Meadowland Dr, STE 7a, White Bear Township, MN 55127