Have you ever felt like cleaning and maintaining your bike was way out of your league? Or that it wasn’t an important part of owning a bike, so you’ve never taken the time to learn how to do it?


Bikes are often not a cheap investment, and there’s more to your bike than just riding it. Protect your investment and keep it running smoothly by learning proper maintenance and adjustments. We’ll take the overwhelm out of the process and show you how easy it really is.


The class will cover:

  • Fast tube changes

  • Identifying clicks, creaks, etc., and what to do with them on the road

  • Cable replacement

  • Lubes

  • Derailleur adjustments

  • Chain removal and cleaning

  • What to do post-ride with your bike

  • The proper general tools to have


Where: Tri Fitness Training (get directions)

Date/Time: TBD

Cost: $25

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