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Your safety is our primary concern!

With the concerns surrounding COVID-19, our training center is committed to taking extra precautions for the safety and health of our community and members. Since we would like help flatten the curve of this virus and contribute to its stabilization and decline, we have decided to forego all group classes inside the training center. However, we, at Tri Fitness, realize how important our fitness and activity are to our overall health and well being, so we have been working hard on providing safe options to our community. We have settled on a few in-house options which still allow us to keep a safe distance and yet provide workouts for individuals, as well as a few other rental and outdoor options.

NOTE: If you currently have a contract with us for classes, etc., the terms of your contract will be extended by the number of days we are shut down.

In-House Options

Indoor Bike Rental | $7.50/45 minutes

These sessions will start ON the hour, but clients will be asked to get here 5 minutes before the session begins. This will allow us enough time to set up the bike before a potential PT session comes in. We will set you up with your bike on one of our bike trainers riding a pre-determined workout of your choice, or you can just ride without a workout (we will put the course on a slight grade and you can shift to your heart’s desire). IOf course, if you have family members or friends that you are ok “sharing space with," we can safely put 3 people on bike trainers at one time keeping distance as necessary. We have a process in place that will allow us to keep safe distance with anyone else that might already be in the facility.

Personal Training | 45 minutes for $45

These sessions will start 5 minutes AFTER the hour. Getting here ON the hour will allow you to warmup properly before we get started. Of course, we have to offer a “virus special” - if you purchase (5) 45-minute sessions, we will give you (2) 15-minute assisted stretch sessions to be used at a later date absolutely FREE. These one-on-one sessions will allow us a controlled setting we need to keep a "safe space" and sanitize equipment.

Double the Fun | 45 minute bike rental + 45 minute PT session - $50


**PLEASE SCHEDULE THE ABOVE SESSIONS WITH Vicki at vicki@trifitnesswbl.com or call/text at 612-442-8096**

Other Options

Long-Term Bike Trainer Rental | Curbside pickup - $40 + $200 deposit

This will include rental of our Kurt Kinetic Smart trainer until March 27th. Rental will come with a YouTube video on setup. Kinetic also has some great workout options on their app. If you prefer additional/different/specific workouts, we are more than happy to provide those as well. Deposit will not be charged unless the bike is not returned or is returned damaged. Please schedule a bike rental/curbside pick-up with Vicki at vicki@trifitnesswbl.com or call/text 612-442-8096.

Virtual Group Workouts | FREE on FB

We are hosting FREE 30-minute online workouts using Facebook Live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00am that you are welcome to join us for in the comfort of your own home or backyard. 

Past workouts for access:

Friday, March 20th - body weight workout

Monday, March 23rd - with water jugs/bottles

Wednesday, March 25th - with cardboard, paper plates, or furniture movers

Friday, March 27th - with water jugs/bottles and/or a stability ball

Monday, March 30th - with foam roller

Wednesday, April 1st - Tabata, no equipment needed

Friday, April 3rd - with stick, dowel, or broom

Monday, April 6th - AMRAP workout, painters or masking tape

Virtual Race

Goruna3miler Virtual Road Race

What: Virtual predicted 3-mile run challenge 

Why: Because we need an outlet, and this will be FUN!

When: Saturday, April 4th

Where: Location of your choice

Cost: $10/person

Prizes: 1st place - $10 + 3 rolls of toilet paper; 2nd place - $5 + 2 rolls of toilet paper; 3rd place - 1 roll of toilet paper (in the case of a tie, all winners will be put into a hat and drawn for prizes)


1st Place | Jeanne Lau

2nd Place | Chad Unger

3rd Place | Jon Krog and Megan Erlandson

Arrange your curbside pick-up with Vicki!


This is meant to be fun and test your ability to predict your race time on a 3-mile course of your choice!

Everyone will "race" on April 4th.

Send your predicted 3-mile run time (hours:minutes:seconds) to vicki@trifitnesswbl.com by Thursday, April 2nd.

Race is on your honor; start your watch and don't look at it until your watch alerts you that you have run 3 miles; stop your watch at that moment; no looking at your watch during your run.

This MUST be completed OUTSIDE - NO treadmills.

Send photo of your watch face with time, date, and distance; or, photo of your GarminConnect (or whatever device shows this info) to vicki@trifitnesswbl.com

Winners will be notified via email, FB, and IG.

Prizes may be picked up at an arranged time curbside at Tri Fitness.