Diary of a Running Yogi: When To Do Yoga

When should you do yoga?

I have been asked when is a good time to practice yoga—after a swim, bike, or run, or on a different day? The answer is the patented Vicki "it depends."

I like to incorporate some of my favorite yoga poses in my post run regimen. I typically practice yoga on my non-running days. Why I say "it depends" is that it will depend on what type of yoga and what your schedule is for all of your other workouts and training sessions. I would not recommend power or hot yoga on an heavy training day. You may not be properly recovered from training in order to do this type of yoga. This could cause you to access muscles that are not the primary muscles for the yoga poses, which could lead to a rough recovery the next day. Some of the poses in power/hot yoga are intense stretches, and you may need a day to let those muscles recover. Now, if you are doing a gentle/restorative style yoga, that could be done on the same day as a training day since it is typically slower and less intense.

Think of yoga just like planning for any of your other endurance training sessions. Schedule it for a day when you are off of other types of working out, hydrate just like you would for endurance training (especially heated or hot yoga), and allow your body proper recovery time.

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