Diary of a Running Yogi: Why Do Yoga?

We covered what yoga is in my last blog, so now I think it's important to talk about why we do (or should do) yoga.

Yoga is a great way to clear your head, stretch and strengthen your body, and improve overall mental health. The running joke is that yoga teachers do yoga because "we are all crazy," or it keeps us from "punching someone." Lol.

Truth be told, I started practicing yoga for fitness reasons. It took about a whole year for me to "get it" that yoga was a lot about the mind/body connection, and not about the physical practice. Now, I will say the physical practice has tons of benefits—particularly for endurance athletes—and that should not be understated.

You will learn different poses or postures (typically in some sort of sequence), and then finish the session with a short rest. Some of the poses will challenge you, some will feel great, and some you will really not like, but those poses are typically the ones you need the most.

Think of the physical part of the practice as a "warm-up" for rest at the end. When you get to the end and perform savasana (also called corpse pose) you completely rest. You should stay here for as long as you can to enjoy the moment and soak in the benefits of the physical practice. In this moment, your body is starting to recover, so enjoy a few extra minutes of quiet.

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