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Become a better runner!

Do you get winded easily or want to improve your endurance, stride, run speed, distance or form? Want to perform better in your next race or simply learn safe technique so you can incorporate running into your workout/training routine? Join our Run Clinics and learn everything you need to know from our experienced run coach to increase your speed with less effort for a better run!

What To Bring

  • Water bottle (you will be with us for 90 minutes, so hydration is important)

  • Running shoes you currently wear for training

  • Something comfortable to run in - tank, tee, shorts, capris (in winter, we will be inside; in summer, if weather permits, we may go outside)


Build a solid foundation!

Level 1 is for those who are just getting started, or have never been taught "how to" run. That might sound dumb, but there's a lot more to running than just walking faster. 

Training Included:

phases of run gait | appropriate footwear | pre-run routine | level 1 strength training | run dynamics and why it matters | see and learn proper posture while running | suggested safe and effective training progression

All clinics held from 10:30am-12:00pm at Tri Fitness Training (map).

  • TBD

Cost is $40.


Take running to the next level!

In Level 2 we help improve your gait and strength. You'll also learn why running MORE isn't necessarily better for improving performance. 

Training Included:

stretching/foam rolling/dynamic stretching | gait assessment with video analysis | strength training based on gait analysis | level 2 strength training/plyometrics | benefits of cross-training, trail running, and year 'round outdoor running | what to wear - being prepared for all conditions | methods of training ("canned programs," HR/RPE/Moxy, etc.) | training nutrition/hydration

All clinics held from 10:30am-12:00pm at Tri Fitness Training (map).

  • TBD

Cost is $40.


Get race ready!

Level 3 is designed to help you get ready for your big race! Learn to prep for your race physically and train for an efficient and effective race day. 

Training Included:

setting up your races - A, B, C races | race taper | pre-race and race day nutrition | moxy performance assessment testing | race day apparel | race week tips and advice

All clinics held from 10:30am-12:00pm at Tri Fitness Training (map).

  • TBD

Cost is $40.