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Tried fatness? Tri Fitness!

The Tri Fitness 10 week Weight Loss Challenge is a new approach to weight loss - because it's not just about weight loss! It's not a fad. It's not a phase. It's about living well, feeling good, and developing healthy habits that are maintainable and realistic for the long term. We also know lifestyle changes can be difficult, so that's why our program is all-inclusive and fully supported - to make sure you succeed! Follow the program and get results, or get your money back!


  • Beginning, mid, and final assessment | body weight and composition

  • Cardio programming

  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

  • 5 educational and motivational seminars

  • Nutrition plan

  • Community and Coach support

  • Guaranteed results

  • Cash incentive | receive $10 for every percent of total body weight lost

Weigh-In Schedule (come in at your convenience):

  • Jan 6-11

  • Feb 3-8

  • Mar 9-14

Bi-weekly seminar topics include...

  • Jan 8 | 6:00pm | Challenge Intro/Details, How This Challenge is Different, My Fitness Pal, Hydration

  • Jan 15 | 6:00pm | Nutrition and Supplements, Group Conversation  

  • Jan 22 | 6:00pm | Strength Training and Cardio for Weight Loss, Group Conversation

  • Feb 5 | 6:00pm | Importance of Sleep, Group Conversation

  • Feb 26 | 6:00pm | Moving Beyond the Challenge, Group Conversation

  • Mar 11 | 6:00pm | Challenge Wrap-up, Party with Pretzel Snacks

When: January 6 through March 13

Cost: $500

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